Monday, January 27, 2014

How it all started

Hello there! Welcome to my blog!

 I'm Kristal. I've decided to document my journey into sewing through a blog. 

How it started

Four years ago in 2009 Seth bought me my first sewing machine for my birthday. After graduating from college, I wanted to take a fun class for once! So I decided to go check out my local quilt shop. I signed up for an intro to quilting, a six-week course taught once a week for four hours. There I learned a lot of the terminology and techniques.  I also made my first quilt! 

In the months to come I made a couple more quilts (sorry, I lost the pictures). Then my machine went back into its box and away in the closet. It was always on my mind though. 

My family

Seth and I got married in Tecate, México in 2010. I moved to San Diego, CA and with me came my dog, Kiko, and my sewing machine. 

This is our Kiko dog.  He is a 4 1/2 -year-old Shi Tzu.


Four months ago I was really unhappy with the way my life was going, I needed a change. The exciting, learning phase at work was over and after several rejection letters from grad school and a failed search for a new job, I decided to take time off, reevaluate what I want to be doing and maybe, if I were so lucky, start growing our family. The thought scared me. What will I do at home? I did not want to become a crazy house wife.

Out came my sewing machine. I began quilting for my friends' babies, three baby girl and two baby boy quilts came out in no time. I became obsessed with sewing, spending most of my day glued to my machine. 

I was drawn to finding people and blogs with tutorials and I am now lost in the immense array of sewing possibilities. From quilts I moved onto sewing little pouches and clutches, then table runners, and now I am taken by bags and purses.

Late night sewing

I am still a beginner, but if I have achieved this much in only 4 months, imagine all the possibilities.  If you are interested in seeing how my skills develop and maybe learning with me, follow my blog and let's learn together.