Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pink Quilt

 I fell in love with this pattern, you can read about it here. I decided to blow it up 100% and this is how the court house step quilt pattern looks like on a larger scale. Nice, huh?

I bought a kona cotton jelly roll, and used 4 of their pinks, I was looking for an ombré look. I think I did achieve it. For the backing I used a beautiful multicolor print from Timless treasures fabrics.

I am also very excited to share that I am getting so much better at this free motion quilting stuff! I had a lot of fun quilting it with minimal frustration, and an acceptable outcome.

I have been holding back on posting it because I was waiting to get good pictures. I just like it so much. It will be hard to see it go. I know some cute little girl will be loving this pretty soon! and that helps. 

Photos by: Lady Di (Diana Curiel)