Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Los Lefebre

"Los (The) Lefebre"  is what the sign has read for thirty years on the front door of my mother's house. The error has always haunted us trying to understand who chose this title. Why "the" why not plural? why not family instead, but the sign is glued in and not moving so we have learn to love it, and own it much like "the Hulk". Even now as my name has changed with marriage I am still at heart and from birth a Lefebre from "Los Lefebre".

I am thankful for the few years I had the pleasure to have lived with my father before he surrender to an ugly cancer. He came from a post great depression upbringing, making him very skilled in saving money, efficiency and DIY. He was a great business man, and a wood worker. He built the house I grew up in, and I am still impressed by it!

Even though we only were lucky to have known him a handful of years, my brothers and I carry his teachings and his passions. I am very involved in sewing and my brothers each has had their own phase of exploring DIY's. We have a great interest and commitment to do things for ourselves, to explore, to make from scratch, to take apart and re build. My mom is often surprised at the amount of patience we display when creating, and not in any other areas of our lives. She often reminds us on how we've become like him in that things are not finished until they are perfect.

I love to sew and quilt and my brother crafts beer. I had been brainstorming on how to merge these two into one awesome Lefebre collaboration. Finally I came up with a couple ideas and here they are.

1. Beer coasters

Personalized beer coasters
This is my brother, the guy behind the hand crafted beer "Encino". 

These were the first two prototype beer coasters.

Playing around with colors

2. Growler cozy 

The most handsome growler cozy model in town!

The Process

Custom made fabric



and press.

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