Thursday, April 3, 2014

Courthouse steps quilt

as a throw

Using all the layer cake fabrics I gathered on the quilt shop hop I decided to make a quilt. I had seen a tutorial on blue is bleu's blog that I really wanted to try. It seemed very neat and blew my mind trying to figure it out. Her tutorial is to make the hourglass steps pillow,  a two tone square and only the fabric in that square matches, but another great quilter I follow, Rachel Wooden Spoon,  made some adjustments and made it so it wasn't an hour glass block, but a courthouse step quilt. I just couldn't wrap my head around it, it took me several days to finally be brave enough to cut the fabric. I decided to make a paper version to guide me on sizes and quantity while cutting.

measurements and paper sample

Once it was all cut up and organized, the fun part began sewing it all on my new machine! my precious! Cutting took about 4 hours, and sewing up each block took about 20 - 25 mins per block depending on how tired I was and what distractions were around. Basting usually is quicker it may have taken a bit less than an hour, quilting took three hours and hand binding another three. For a grand fun total of approximately  20 hrs. It turned out beautiful! I love it!

Here it is with some ideas on uses.

as a couch decoration
as a picnic quilt

Baby quilt
A swaddled Kiko (this is my baby)

foot of the bed
as a foot warmer and decoration accent

wall decoration

It is up on my etsy shop if anyone is interested on purchasing it.

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