Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dog Leash for Lily

I mainly follow other quilters on instagram, michelle patterns in one of the many that inspire me. A few days ago she did a mini tutorial with pictures here. I loved the idea of using up scraps. I was meeting Shannon in a few days for breakfast, and decided to make this for her and her cute dog lily. 

I used the tutorial as a guide line, I am known to skip steps and never follow direction. I cut the scraps out into 5" wide and whatever the length of the scrap. I sewed it all together pressing all the seams to one side. **note: I should have pressed the seams open. Then, I ironed the interfacing, ironed the fold into 4 pieces and quilted along the strap starting with the open edge. then added the hook and sewed that corner. Lastly I folded the other end into a handle.

The leash is about 6 ft long.


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