Thursday, July 17, 2014

A bag for Kristal

I was looking to make the BEST bag for when I start my college program next month! I really love the Pritemps fabric collection from 3 sisters, and after falling in love with the fabric combination of my yoga mat sling I went ahead and used the left over scraps. Oops spoiler alert, I haven't made that post yet...coming soon.

 A few months ago I bought Sara Lawson's book, " Big City Bags". I have made a total of three bags from that book. 1. Lucky Denver Mint Bag owner can't be revealed yet , 2.Fireside Bowl Bag ,  for my mom's good friend., and 3. Piccadilly Circus Handbag for my good friend Marcia, a lover of handmade and handbags.

This is bag is the fourth one I've made from this book...and every single one I make I love even more!

I made the side panels using "the crazy 9 patch squares", a pattern given to me at the San Diego quilt run, you can read all about it here.

This is my back to school bag, but I finished it the night before a trip, I was so excited about how beautiful it turned out I just had to bring it with me. Also, it was a great opportunity to take some great pictures of it in beautiful locations.

Fine! I've been sold. The beach is AWESOME. 

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