Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2014 San Diego's Quilt Shop Hop

What a fun weekend I had! All the San Diego quilt shops throw this really fun event. The idea is that you have 10 days to go around San Diego and visit the 14 participating quilt shops. When I first heard about it I thought it would be neat to go check out places other than my local quilt shop. However I hesitated for a few days after I saw the map and how far apart some of these places are.

As the week went by I searched for it again and actually read the details. It just sounded better and better. At your first stop they will give you a passport in which you should collect a stamp from each quilt shop. Each shop gives away a 10" by 10" piece of fabric; this year's theme was black and white. You also get a free pattern of a quilt they created for this particular event. Nice! Right?! Little gifts and lots of learning. It got even better! There is a big prize. If you visit all 14 you can enter a raffle for a brand new Janome MC 6600 (worth $1,500!) I was sold! By then it was Thursday and I would only have 4 days, and believe me some of these places are FAR! Finally Friday morning arrived and I woke up convinced I would give it a try, at least check out the ones near by; this year I have the time. The experience sounds pleasant and you are also entered into other raffles for great prizes like shopping sprees or a basket full of fabric per quilt shop you visited. All you have to do is check out the shops and get your stamp, no purchase required, but c'mon who can help themselves? You are surrounded by beautiful high quality fabrics and you have coupons. Some of these places were just amazing. It felt like I had stepped into fabric heaven.

 I have a fabric addiction!

These runs have a theme and this year's was Sock Hop, which I came to learn was a reference to the informal high school dances of the 1950's hosted in a school's gymnasium for which shoes had to come off to prevent scratches and marks on the floors. Having a theme meant that at every shop you stopped by the decoration and feel of the place would be from the 1950's, even the sample pattern quilts were inspired by the theme. Many of the shops had fun music playing, people were dressed in poodle skirts, and they also had treats, drinks, and even ice-cream, which was a great thought since you are driving around so much.


The above picture are all my shop souvenirs aside from the massive amounts of fabric I bought. It was a very fun experience. Every shop had its own personality, noticeable in their giveaways, their choice of fabrics they had for sale, their sample quilts and the people working there. I am very glad I gave myself the opportunity and took the time to do this. I am excited to do it again next year! 

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