Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to change a sewing machine presser foot

Every machine and presser foot is different, but there are some main things to know on how to install a presser foot and how to change a snap on foot. This is how I do it.

Switching a Snap-on presser feet

snap-on presser feet

low shank snap-on presser foot ready to be installed
slide it in between the screw and the presser bar

Tighten the screw, and you are done!
pull on the foot release handle to release the snap-on presserfoot

slide in the new snap-on presser foot
pull on the handle as you snap it in
you are done!

Switching a presser foot by unscrewing

Walking foot

My first time using a walking foot, I could not figure out why it wasn't properly feeding all those layers of fabric through. I realized I did not put this little handle in the right position. I hope this helps you to avoid making the same mistake as me.

walking foot with handle
handle must go over the needle clamp screw
(bar) as shown

press the slant part and tighten the screw

I hope you learned with me today. These are the two kinds of presser feet I own. One where you must change the whole piece and this usually has a handle that must be placed over the needle bar. The other one is just changing the snap on part.

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