Thursday, February 13, 2014

How to wind a bobbin

The bobbin is a cylinder holding thread which supplies the bottom stitch thread. 

The following are the steps to wind a bobbin. It is very simple and easy, but must be done the right way in order to get the correct tension for our stitches.

***Make sure to take about 2 mins to finish this process. I know it is tedious and slow, and it would be easy to step on the pedal too hard and wind faster. The process MUST be done slow in order to have the right tension, otherwise the thread gets pulled too much and becomes weak or loose. 

Follow the drawings on your machine.

Make sure to go all the way around once.

Push the post to the right.

Hold the top piece of thread to begin, then once it gets going you may let go.

Press the pedal SLOWLY.

Cut the thread, remove the bobbin, and make sure to return the post back to its original position to the left.

Pull the thread under the bobbin tensioner groove. 

All done!

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