Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to thread a sewing machine

In order to be able to sew using your sewing machine you must run the thread through the machine. We learned on my previous post that the bobbin provides the thread for the bottom stitch. The spool of thread provides the thread needed for the top stitch.

These are the steps I personally follow when setting my machine ready to sew.

Once we have wound our bobbin, place it into the bobbin case. If you do not know how to wind the bobbin go to my tutorial  here.

bobbin inside the bobbin case and ready 
to be inserted into the shuttle assembly
This is where we left off on my previous tutorial.

Let's begin by setting the bobbin into place, just to get it out of your way.

Insert the bobbin case with the bobbin inside it 
into the shuttle assembly.

Make sure the hole in the bobbin and bobbin case 
go rightinto the shaft on the shuttle assembly.
Also, make sure the handle aligns with the groove.

Press until you hear it click.

You are done with this part!

Once you have completed the bobbin part, let's move on to threading the top thread.

Place the spool of thread on the spool holder and secure it with the attachment.

1. First, run the thread through the top thread guide.
2. Then run the thread through the tension disc.

Pull the thread through the thinner groove to the right in 
the direction indicated by the arrows.
Pull the thread around the round thing at the bottom.
Pull the thread up through the larger groove on the left,
 again following the arrows.

Loop the thread up and around the metal bar 
at the top of the larger groove.

Pull the thread down and feed it through the bottom thread guide, as shown above.

Thread the needle from the front.

Pass the thread below the presser foot, 
pulling about 4 inches of thread through. 
You are all done with the top thread!

Now pull the bottom thread from the bobbin to the needle plate.

While pulling on the top thread with your left hand, with your right hand turn the wheel clockwise to move the needle all the way down. Keep turning the wheel and bring the needle back up. When the needle moves up again, it brings the bottom 
thread with it.

See how the two threads are intertwined

Pull the threads so they are both on the needle plate. Leave at least 4 inches of thread free.

DONE! You are ready to sew!

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