Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tote bags

I've always loved tote bags. I think they are very practical and useful. They can be used as a personal bag or as a carry-the-extra-stuff bag. Taking up sewing made me want to make my own. I wanted to make it quilted and colorful, just for myself. Searching all over the internet trying to come across a free tutorial was hard. Most of the patterns I found were for sale. I wasn't willing to pay. I am trying very hard to make this hobby as inexpensive as possible. Eventually, I came across this wonderful lady who is my sewing angel! She has a lot of tutorials on almost everything sewing. I have learned a lot from her. You should check her out here. At the time I was trying to make everything with 60° triangles. I was more worried about the design on the bag then the bags' own design. I made this one for my mom as a Christmas present.

I came to find that this bag was too basic and was missing pockets, a zipper and snaps. I did not know how to add any of these. I went again on a search to find a tutorial, but nothing made sense. I saw somebody post a very neat tote bag on instagram, big and fancy with all the things I mentioned I was missing before. After digging around Instagram I found out it was noodlehead's super tote. I just had to buy the pattern. I love the bag, loved her blog, and loved her entrepreneurial spirit. All of a sudden I wasn't worried about spending money on patterns. I bought two of them! Check her out! You will also like her work.

I really really loved the super tote. Have I mentioned that already? Well I can't stop making them!

Inside out!

Guess what?! I have not made one for myself yet! So far I've made a bag for my mom. I made a super tote for my mother-in-law. I loved it! So, I went on to make one for Seth's grandmother and another one for his great aunt. It is very satisfying and makes sewing much more fun to sew for someone you already have in mind. I put projects for myself on hold because sewing for a loved one fills my heart. Does this happen to you too? 

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