Monday, March 17, 2014

My Precious

Yet another fun and busy weekend!
Seth and I woke up really excited and really early Saturday morning. We were online in line to buy Comic-con tickets. We ended up sitting in front of the computer for over two hours staring at the screen waiting for our turns. Too many Comic-con enthusiasts out there! We never got a chance to purchase tickets, my turn never came and all tickets were sold out. I was really bummed. I had finally decided to be a supportive wife this year and join the husband on his adventures. No luck.

As a consolation price he agreed to go take a look at the sewing machines. Happiest moment of my weekend. Of course he just sat there in a very comfy chair he found and waited patiently while all my questions were answered by the shop owner. If you know me you know we were there for a while. We ended up leaving because they didn't have the one I had researched and wanted.  The lady offered a great deal on another similar model, but it didn't feel right to make such a purchase without researching. 

In my research and wanders around the internet, I was tempted to buy my machine, my precious, online. Amazon had what seemed better prices and free delivery, but I am set on supporting local businesses. Especially in the case of maintaining old trades such as sewing and other things hand made. I had visited the Sew and Vac store three times and I tested and played around with the machines. I had many, many questions answered multiple times. I loved the face-to-face interaction and all the knowledge the owner had to share. I am always hesitant of sales people and do not believe anything they say, but here they were not sales people, they were shop owners and a machine repair shop. Amazon cannot offer this customer service. Also, buying from a local dealer includes services for my machine for two years, three classes to learn everything from my machine, and I build a relationship and trust with them. I know if I have a question or if something simple seems to malfunction I have a go-to person.

When I got home later that evening and after reading reviews, watching videos, and comparing specifications side by side, I was happy to find out the lady was honest and gave me real information. She wasn't just trying to make a sale. So I finally made my decision and planned to go in Sunday morning to purchase my new machine. Sadly they were closed. Noooo! I can't wait any longer. The price of supporting local businesses I guess.

I had to wait an extra day, so I decided to make the most of it and prepare my projects cut, and ironed, and ready in line to be sewn. This way when my precious arrives you wont be able to tell where my machine ends and where I begin.

So, finally I went to in to get it Today! Iwas there for an hour because the owner wouldn't let me leave until she had explained all the basics. She wanted me to be able to get home and play right away! So sweet!

 Here she is! My Precious!

We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious.

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