Monday, March 10, 2014

Mini Quilt Wall

Last weekend we rearranged our apartment to accommodate a sewing space for myself. I love it!
I now have a small cutting table/storage with shelves and a sewing table with drawers. Unfortunately the walls now look empty and too white. I began the ongoing project of decorating my wall and am now set on sewing mini quilts to embellish my sewing space while I practice new techniques.

For my first mini quilt I decided to explore paper piecing, which I found to be very hard, it got easier towards the end and I was pleased with the outcome.

I had the idea of creating mini quilts with different types of stars. I found a great tutorial for The Lone Starburst on six white horses blog.

Paper piecing

Sewing space

The Lone Star
Paper pieced and quilted
Mini Quilt

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