Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Projects

This weekend all I wanted to do was sew! I have many projects that need to be finished and so many new ones in my head that must get started. I thought I would just sew to my hearts content, but I forget how much prepping is involved before being able to sew, measuring cutting, ironing, interfacing...and of course a run to the quilt store. With all the prepping, the house wife duties of cooking, cleaning and multiple dog walks, I didn't accomplish as much as I wished for. Oh! but things were made. 

Take a peak. It is all lovely!

Duffle Bag. 

Weeks ago I had posted the progress of this bag. I finished the handles over the weekend and now it is finally done and ready to be used (I just realized it needs a label). I really hope you understand the big deal handles are. It is a lot of work and my old machine did not make it easy on me. I love my new Juki! It is a true working horse.

I love pink and orange together!

Sew Pretty!


Not a good picture at all, but what it's trying to say is that it is sewing through...
4 layers of fabric with interfacing,
raw edges folded, so 8 layers,
2 layers of fabric
1 layer of thick batting

Total 11 layers sewn like a breeze

Courthouse Steps Quilt

Making fast progress. I finished the quilt top and even got a chance to baste and quilt. It is now ready with the binding waiting to be sewn. 

Nephew number two

Nephew number two just had a birthday and I was planning to make him a quilt, when I found this in one of my boxes. I made this quilt top long ago, when nephew number one was a child and loved planets and space. I forgot about it and never finished it, now he is the cutest attempt of a teenager and this no longer fits his interests. Now he insists I make him a rockstar tablet cover. 
I basted and quilted this weekend. Dreading the binding. This is a bigger quilt. 

Cargo Duffle

I started making my own gym bag. It will be extremely lovely!!! It has pockets and it stiff and I am playing around with the idea of adding a yoga mat holder. If only the mail man would come with the fabrics I am missing. 
Cutting, labeling, and pockets were made. Went around all over San Diego in search for snap buttons, such a waste of precious possible sewing time. I am telling you I wish I could sew more! I can't get enough!

This that you see was 4 hours worth of work

This morning I added the snap buttons, it took 45 minutes! I just always chase projects with challenges to learn more, and to broaden my skills but I also frustrate myself because I am so excited about this gym bag I want to finish it NOW! I can't wait to sit and quilt and piece it together. Aside from learning to sew I am also learning patience.

You must be thinking, what is she talking about! She did a lot of work on one weekend. You should know I have a problem! I can't get enough!
Off I go. 

Happy sewing time :)

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