Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Forget anything I ever said about thread. Everything! Forget it all. I was being cheap, because I had a cheap machine. Now that I have my precious I though I should treat it nice. I researched on blogs and on Instagram about what threads other people with more experience use. Some recommended Gutterman, so easy to buy at Joann's and specially with all the coupons and deals they offer. Other's recommended Mettler, and the majority were fascinated with Aurifil. I have so many projects going on right you won't believe, so I had the perfect excuse to sew and try new thread out. I went and bought a one of each brand to give them a try.

All 3 are great products! Smooth and minimal fray. I fell in love with Aurifil, of course it is the most expensive, but so worth it. It is so thin, yet so strong, it doesn't break easily, stitches are incredibly smooth and even. It really is the King of all threads! Gutterman is a great option too, and much cheaper to get.

I just have to say my heart was taken by Aurifil!

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