Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My top 3 top 3's of the San Diego Quilt Shop Run

It has been hard to find a creative and simple way to review and talk about all the wonderful things I experienced in this quilt shop run, There just is so much to say. I decided to keep it simple but not short. I  picked 3 things to talk about and made a list of my top three favorites of each of those.

Top 3 Quilt Shops

2940 Jamacha Rd, El Cajon, CA 92019
This is the quilt shop closest to me and the one I shop at. I really like their fabric selection and after touring around all the others, I came to the conclusion it is still my favorite. Maybe because I am used to it, but I find what I am looking for faster. I like the way it is organized, not only by color but by designer or line.

728 Civic Center Dr, Vista, CA 92084
This was the last one I visited and if it weren't because its too far away from me I would live there. The place is a house converted into a quilt shop. It is heaven on earth, a quilters fantasy! The entire house is covered with bolts and bolts of fabric. Fabric on the floor, on the walls, on the steps, on shelves, wherever they can find a spot. A wonderful fabric selection! They just have everything and anything. The owner is very sweet and lovely, I really liked the fact that she was there the day I visited.

4685 Date Ave, La Mesa, CA 91941
Now this place is serious business. It is the cutest shop in town with the cutest and sweetest employees. The place is a little house, very small and very lovely. It is arranged and decorated with vintage style furniture and their products and merchandise are stored and displayed on them. Even the kitchen and bathroom are displaying either sample quilts or holding supplies. Their fabrics match the vintage idea, I just had to buy something. Just lovely. It also has a little cottage in the backyard where they sell antiques.

Top 3 Patterns

From the free patterns I received from this event, these were my three favorite. I feel these do really offer the teaching of new techniques whereas the others were providing more ideas than lessons. Don't get me wrong they are also lovely, but I am in a journey of learning.

Top 3 Fabrics

 Out of the 14 pieces of fabulous fabric I received, these three were my favorite. It needs to be known that it is hard to find nice, good solids. This black piece is as SOFT as can be. I love it!  The polka dot of the second  is so simple yet lovely. And the last one, well it just catches my attention every time I look that way.

    1. The Country Loft
    2. Cozy quilt shop
    3. The CraZy 9 Patch

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